The High Road.

Sometimes the process of emotional recovery is a pain in the ass. I am trying to take steps to move on. Yesterday was a good day, but today has not been. There are constant reminders everywhere of both the good and the bad of my marriage, and those reminders spiral me from happy to sad, … More The High Road.

This Is DJ Davis.

DJ Davis was selected in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft out of Stone County High School in Wiggin, MS by the Toronto Blue Jays. He was the 17th overall pick and the first of 2 in that round by the Jays. The other pick being an undersized, starting pitcher from Duke University, … More This Is DJ Davis.


3 days ago, I stepped on the scale, which I haven’t done it in months. I was up a few pounds but still holding at a “comfortable” 296 pounds. Comfortable for me, at least. Anyone that knows me would say that overall, I am a very large man. 296 pounds however, is just not where … More 260.


Today, I woke up from a very short sleep, clear headed. I woke up hopeful, and I woke up ready to accomplish something. I feel motivated and nearing happy. I am not there yet, but I have at least taken steps towards it. None of these feeling have anything to do with my marriage. Maybe … More Clarity.

Anger is Simple.

For months all I have wanted was to move from sadness and despair to anger. Pure genuine anger, but I have been unable to do that. The majority of the problem we have are evenly.. We have both made our fair share of mistakes in our marriage. But now those mistakes have reached a crux. … More Anger is Simple.


Every night I go to sleep expecting the worst. The trauma to my brain has trained me to be tentative about the times when my thoughts are the most vulnerable. Some say PTSD is a bully, kicking a victim when he or she is down. From what I have learned about it, PTSD occurs when … More Nightmares.

Stripping Away.

Stripping away pieces of yourself is a natural bi-product of being in a long term relationship and having children. You don’t have the time or opportunity for selfish moments. Well I haven’t at least. There are parts of yourself that you prioritize and parts that you left drift away. We try to alter that by … More Stripping Away.