3 days ago, I stepped on the scale, which I haven’t done it in months. I was up a few pounds but still holding at a “comfortable” 296 pounds. Comfortable for me, at least. Anyone that knows me would say that overall, I am a very large man. 296 pounds however, is just not where or who I want to be. When I think of recreating my life part of that, as I have said previously, is about getting my athletic body back. My flexibility and my agility most importantly.

People were always shocked at how agile I was for a man of my stature, and that has been lost. So I am taking the proper steps to remedy those issues. I am back to my Muay Thai style work outs. Skipping daily, doing resistance band work, stretching and yesterday I did a plymometric footwork routine. My body hurts today, but I can already see the benefits shining through. First, my posture is already improved, which is absurd after 3 days of doing the right thing. Maybe part of that is a little self-confidence I had gained yesterday? Who knows.

The end game for me, the goal if you will, is 260 pounds. My college basketball weight was 245, I don’t know how attainable that is. I was very young and playing 5-8 hours of ball a day. My fight weight was between 252-256, that is hard but almost do-able. 260 is a nice round number but still a very respectable goal. At 260 I will have some resemblance of the man I was in my early 20’s.

If anyone has any tips, please send them my way! Everyone is always so good about being a participant in these conversations. Also if anyone is having the same battles, struggles and successes in life that I am please don’t feel weird about contacting me. It takes a village to deal with some tough-ass things in our lives, support is so important, and we can all be there for each other.

A lot of people are reading this, so a lot of people care. Lets grow our own village!


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