My Top Ten- Favorite Albums

There are 50000000 different options for this category. I love music, and I listen to essentially every genre of music. This list is not reflective of the greatest albums ever, only my person favorites, I guess you could say it is my desert island collection! Lets do this shit….



10. Resurrection By Common

9. A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay

8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

7. Illmatic by Nas

6. Unmake by Dan Mangan

5. Aenima by TOOL

4. Billy Jack by HoneyHoney

3. Adultery by Dog Fashion Disco

2. With Oden On Our Side by Amon Amarth

1. The Doors by The Doors


These are my favorites but millions of other were in consideration. Beyond that there are so many albums and bands I didn’t want to include. If The Beatles were on the list how could I choose between Revolver, The White Album, SGT Peppers, or Rubber Soul. If Queen was on here the same issue exists. See the problem. I almost ran into the same issue with The Doors but my overwhelming love for them kept them in the top spot!

So what is your stranded list? 10 albums you couldn’t live without.


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