The Ketogenic Lifestyle

Eating fat and losing weight is wonderful. Carbs are delicious for sure, but fuck em. I eat creatively, I rarely feel hungry, I never have stomach issues, my energy level is as high as it has ever been. More people need to look into this because Ketosis is a miracle at least for the agnostic sinners like me at least.

Cheese Crisps, bacon, Meat with every meal. My god, a diet that recommends Pork rinds for good health. Sound good to me! Over the course of my time in Ketosis I have lost a grand total of 51 LBS, and we are talking months not years.

It is hard, the Keto flu will expose the pussies before they get to the good stuff. But the rewards have been life changing. Also as a man that has worked his entire life in the food industry, this diet requires you to make essentially, all of your own food, and it has re-sparked my creative passion for food.

If anyone has questions please reach me on twitter @MarcWestyNolan

So in closing: Ketosis is sweet, Fuck carbs.


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