A chance to change lives.

Once in a lifetime, it seems, people hit rock bottom. For me that realization has been placed on my lap recently. So what do you do when things come crashing down? I suppose you either quit or improve. The ability to adapt to our surrounding and our situations is a beautiful skill that humans command. We cant alter ourselves physically like a chameleon but we can change the way we think, act or even speak to fit with the people and circumstance we are faced with.

My adaptation is more of a turning what’s inward, outward kind of thing. Through my turmoil in recent times I have rediscovered what I love outside of my four walls and family. Coaching. I am a teacher. I am a leader. At least I was. I realize the reason I love management jobs so much isn’t because of the job, it is because of the good I can do for the people who work for me. The care I can put into them and the way that I can attempt to enrich their lives. I love people, and I want to help people discover their passions long before the age of 32.

In the area I live in, there are no outlets for youth when it comes to baseball. We have long winters, shitty springs, cold falls and short excruciatingly hot and humid summers. I want kids to have a chance to develop and learn year round, in an environment where the end goal isn’t financial gain it is, giving kids the coaching and support to find their way through to better things. Maybe that is careers in sports, maybe that is university scholarships, maybe that is finding out the teaching is the most powerful thing any human can do. I want young people to acquire dreams they didn’t even know they had.

When I was younger, I was blessed with phenomenal parents, teachers and coaches growing up. A never ending web of resources and “extended” family. I had every opportunity to be pushed and molded into a great man, and although I may not have acted on those lessons as a younger man, I have come to realize them now. I want to be a person that people come to, and I want to be a man that people look to for support. I want to be the man, so many of my heroes believed I could be.

I have started a Gofundme.com page for my goal. I know this doesn’t directly impact your communities, what I am doing, but it can effect kids where I am. Maybe one day one of these kids positively impacts you in some way. Who knows right?

If you would like to support me in my mission in any way please do. Whether that is with a donation, or even just sharing my goal with those around you, it would be greatly appreciated. I am so fortunate to have hit the bottom and now see a path. I hope others of you, that may have been equally hurt, find a passion to attach yourselves to. Everyone is strong in their own way, and everyone deserves to have something more than the rat race. I urge you to find your passion!

Here is the link to my goal:


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