How to change a life.

There comes a time in every person’s adult life where things become clearer. The things that we went out in the world to accomplish have been checked off, or faded with time. Complacency is hard to avoid, especially when staring down the barrel of “accomplishment”. The difficulty lies in understanding what is actually of value in your life.

Now I know this isn’t a ground-breaking concept, a man in his 30’s questioning his way of life. But it’s not about the theme it’s about the story itself. What can I do to become the man my kids aspire to be? How can I alter my way of life to become a man that even I can be proud of?

First things first. I need to get healthy. At one time I was a 245 lb dual-sport college athlete, who was well on his way to competing at an elite level in Mixed Martial Arts. I was a reasonably finely tuned athlete. Now as I sit here on my couch, I am a month into my journey on a Ketogenic diet and the results have been remarkable. 3.5 inches lost around the waist and about 15 pounds. The issue was the starting point, I had, in my complacency, and the busyness of my life ballooned to 325 lbs. So health number 1 has to be the primary focus of the new me.

Number two, money. At this moment-in-time, I am the Assistant Kitchen manager/Sous Chef of the busiest restaurant in the region. I make a good salary and I work long hours. My wife works part-time and operates a business that at this moment of time would be considered small, but has all the growth potential a business could have. I write on the side for a baseball website and with the addition of this blog I now have two personal blogs. So the question is for me how can I achieve the principles that people like Timothy Ferris have laid out. The new rich concept isn’t about money earned it about time spent. So how can I achieve my financial goals while allowing myself full-time hours with my family, and not the opposite? How can I make the money I need to survive while increasing the quality of my life? Can I do this with writing and our business?

Number three, the amount of shit we own. Plain and simple, we have too much shit. We have recently moved from a 3 bedroom condo in the city to a 2 bedroom, 998 square foot home in a small town. During the process of the move, and due to the decision we have made about more babies being a bad idea, we have purged approximately 40% of our things already since the end of spring. The issue for me is that we didn’t do enough. It wasn’t for lack of effort either. My wife and I worked our asses off to get rid of our things. Multiple donation runs per week, we even had our kids do a toy purge during the process, and they did a phenomenal job. But it needs to go further. So over the course of the next 365 days, I intend to make major strides in the removal of excess stuff in our life. If it doesn’t add value to our lives why would we have it in our life.

This by no means is the entire list, but it’s a damn good start.

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