Pencil or Pen? :)

Today, I took a big step in my recovery. Today, I took on a massive fear that has been firmly planted on top of my shoulder. Today, I decided to go back to work. The restaurant industry is a mental meat grinder. Everyday is turmoil and chaos. Buzzing, beeping, screaming, swearing. It is loud, volatile, … More Pencil or Pen? 🙂

Public Speaking?

When I started this blog it was just for me, I had no real reason to want it other than the fact that writing was something I loved to do. I have had other blogs in the past, sports based mostly, but I would have never shared personal details of my life on those. I … More Public Speaking?

My Boys.

It is so hard to write about my sons when I feel so down about everything right now. They are everything to me. When life gets hard, almost too hard, I can take 1 glance at them and know that I can get through the darkest times. Despite the fact that they are so young, … More My Boys.


No matter what your definition of PTSD is, whether it be mental illness or brain trauma, the result is the same. The lines between what is real and what is created in your mind are blurred, moment-to-moment, everyday. I was fortunate enough to have only experienced this for a few months. Although my therapist would … More Inadequacy.

My Wife

When i think about my wife it is difficult to express my true feelings for her, or most things in general. For those of you that have read my site with any consistency you know why, I’m a communication leper. But, over the last few months I have built a new foundation that I stand … More My Wife